Tikkurila: Inspiration for innovations in paint technologies through novel perspectives

Minna Perttu, Innovation specialist, Tikkurila

The Innostava project has been a great way to deepen our customer understanding and to acquire new angles through which to look at interior environments. Inspirational spaces are much more than paints and colors that are at the core of Tikkurila. The Innostava project continues to inspire us in our search for the best solutions for complex spaces and differing user needs. Tikkurila’s challenge is to utilize the collected insight in the development of solutions that help create environments that inspire and support innovation.

The qualitative methods used in the Innostava project are perfect for understanding the underlying customer behavior and phenomena. The applied user-driven approach is the approach that our company aims for. Tikkurila can use the results of this study to develop user centered innovation and service design processes.

For us, one of the most interesting topics in this project has been human centric lighting, which means that the color and intensity of light can be changed over the course of the day according to individuals’ biological or some other desired rhythm. Colors also change when lighting changes throughout the day. This raises many interesting questions for the use of paints, as the surfaces must work well in this dynamic situation, in all lighting conditions.

Tikkurila’s paint was used to turn a large print into a drawing surface

For Tikkurila, the Innostava project steering group meetings have been very interesting. These meetings are held between 14 active members from different businesses. It is inspiring to be in a group where everybody approaches the issue of knowledge work spaces from their own angle through their own and business perspective; we are guaranteed to learn from each other. •