Creating innovative workspaces with textiles

Textiles have a key role in workspaces that inspire innovation, as they affect all our senses directly and indirectly. Different structures, materials and colours should be inspiring both visually and by touch and feel. Interior textiles can also have acoustic functionalities.

When the University of Oulu and the InnoStaVa project contacted us, we were thrilled. Our local Eurokangas PRO representative took over the assignment of creating a modern workspace with functional textiles. Together with the contact persons she went through the preliminary research and interview results, which indicated what the target start-up company’s employees expected from and preferred in the interior textiles. Based on those terms the textiles were chosen together by InnoStaVa and our representative. After the office was redesigned, the second round of the interviews proved that the employees were satisfied with the textiles in the new workspace.

In conclusion, the renovated working area improved to become a productive and functionally versatile space. To us it was an honour to be part of a top-notch research and development in the respective field. The project served us in service and product development and expanded our understanding in creating innovative workspaces with textiles. We at Eurokangas believe the work space should be created for each team and company and not vice versa, and that textiles play a great role in workspace design. •